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What made EPIC so epic?

Australia, Singapore and New Zealand are traditionally strong economic partners for Europe. The aim of the European-Pacific Partnership for ICT Collaboration in research, development and innovation (“EPIC”) was to strengthen the ties between these regions through academic, industrial and political partnerships. The programme was initiated by the European Commission and promoted research and development in various and future-oriented areas.

EPIC offered its stakeholders advantages and benefits which included putting researchers from strong ICT-based economies in touch; discussing situations for future research cooperation; discovering funding sources for your projects; raising international awareness of your ICT issues; and, providing advice and support in finding the right partners.

As EPIC concludes following 2.5 successful years of strengthening ties between the EU and the partner regions, we can look at this as a beginning rather than an end point. Through its events and initiatives, EPIC generated a momentum that not only increased steadily throughout the project but continues to propel itself forward. Appetite and interest in EPIC’s future-oriented ICT topics such as DSM impacts, regulation and ethics relating to AI, and adoption of values online are only increasing in accordance with their relevance in today’s changing geopolitical landscape.

The project legacy will include:

  • The EPIC books, including textbooks that will be published in English and German, and which imply that generations of researchers will be trained using this result from the project.
  • The EPIC Roadmap for Stronger Collaboration, a document which discusses future collaboration potential in several ICT areas between the EU and the project partner countries of Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
  • The network created in EPIC will continue to be used by the project partners and facilitate communication with stakeholders that have an interest in Europe’s collaboration with the target countries.
  • New insights into international RTDI policy: EPIC contributed towards a change in understanding of and insight in international ICT RTDI policy collaboration, which will result in continued discussions and contributions to the international discourse on RTDI collaboration politics.

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