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Funding possibilities in New Zealand

International Leader Fellowships supports incoming targeted international fellowships for exceptional individuals who are unable to obtain support through other means. The programme, a new initiative under Catalyst: Leaders, enables a fellow to catalyse science and innovation capability and capacity development in New Zealand for a minimum of four weeks per year for up to three years. 

International Leader Fellowships are intended to support the attraction by New Zealand research organisations (the hosts) of international fellows who can have a catalytic impact on the country's science capabilities and promote the importance of international cooperation in science. 

Find call schedules and an overview of funding opportunities here.

The Julius von Haast Fellowship is offered to internationally recognised German researchers in conjunction with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The application process is administered by the Society. 

The Fellowship allows the German researchers to spend time working collaboratively with their New Zealand colleagues, and to establish, or enhance, collaborative research of benefit to both countries. 

Find call schedules and an overview of funding opportunities here.


New Zealand Education is the official government site for advice on studying abroad in New Zealand.
Get started by searching for courses and degrees, institutions and scholarships.

Find the link for your personalised search here: www.studyinnewzealand.govt.nz



While not strictly linked to ICT, the EURAXESS programme supports researchers working outside of Europe who wish to connect or stay connected with Europe. EURAXESS Australia and New Zealand offers a wealth of information on research funding opportunities at European and national levels, from individual grants to supporting start-ups. To see a list of available funding opportunities, click here.