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5th Singapore Space Symposium 2018

15 October 2018 | Singapore (NTU)

The theme for this year's panel session was "Space Technologies for Smart Cities".


  1. Promote research and development activities on the spacecraft bus, payload and satellite applications.
  2. Increase awareness on space industry's direction.
  3. Foster collaboration on satellite technologies between public institutions and industries

Main topics 2018:

  • Keynote address for SSS 2018 delivered by Prof. Charles Elachi: "The importance of remote-sensing from space"
  • Definition of a smart citiy in the context of space technologies.
  • Data analytics and exploitation (AI, deep learning, blockchain, etc.).
  • Ways to incorporate space technologies into exisiting processes.

This year's programme concluded with a highly anticipated panel discussion by leaders of various organizations, sharing their insights on how the realization of a smart city in Singapore could have been enhanced through space technologies.

The EPIC part of the SSS brought together European researchers active in H2020 with researchers from academia and industry. The aim was to demonstrate European competencies in spatial intelligence, improve awareness of Europe's satellite infrastructure and provide a forum for exchange about future RTDI directions.

EPIC Networking Session

EPIC organised a networking session after the main event (Singapore Space Symposium). We invited participants of the symposium from Europe and Singapore to exchange ideas and get to know each other closely.