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EPIC Workshop on Privacy Preserving Information Technologies SG

10-11 December 2018 | A*STAR Infuse Theatre, Singapore

Workshop on Privacy Preserving Information Technologies: New opportunities for digitally enabled SG-EU research collaboration

Europe's decision to improve data protection for its citizens has sparked a renewed interest in data protection technologies not only in the EU, but worldwide. In collaboration with the A*STAR Institute for Infocomm Research (I²R), this conference brought together researchers, industry partners and policy makers from Europe and Singapore to discuss new directions in privacy-preserving technologies. Industry trends and enabling strategies and policies needed to promote privacy research and application developments were discussed. Speakers from renowned institutes also presented research developments for possible cooperation in this area.

The program consisted of two parts:

  1. Invited Talks | 10 December 2018
  2. Deep-Dive Session | 11 December 2018

During the invited talks, experts from renowned institutes presented on research developments for possible cooperation. These talks included:

  • “Computing on Encrypted Data: How to do the impossible” (Nigel Smart);
  • “Cryptographic technologies for privacy preserving and data security” (Huaxiong Wang);
  • “Data privacy in the age of machine learning” (Reza Shokri);
  • “Privacy Risks in Data Sharing: Past Lessons and Countermeasures” (Xiaokui Xiao);
  • “Privacy Preserving Technologies: Future Research & Challenges for Law Enforcement” (Edgar Weippl);  and,
  • “Responding to the Security and Privacy Challenges Raised by Precision Medicine” (Juan Ramón Troncoso-Pastoriza).

On day two, two deep-dive sessions facilitated interactive discussions between EU and Singapore researchers. The objectives of these discussions were to explore potential collaboration opportunities of mutual interest in the field of data privacy and security.  The speakers focused on recent research challenges related to security and privacy and new technologies, for example in the field of privacy-preserving technologies such as differential privacy or homomorphic encryption. The event provided many pointers to potential business collaboration and development directions for new privacy and security applications. 

Find the full workshop programme here.

What did EPIC workshop guests think about Privacy Preserving Information Technologies and the relationship between the EU and Singapore?