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EPIC Meetup

11th February, 2019 | Melbourne

The Topic:

Europe's new Digital Single Market (DSM) is becoming increasingly structured and transparent. The DSM aims to ensure fair and seamless access to online activities for individuals and businesses. It should unite the needs of the user and the economy. The new EU regulation is broad - from consumer rights and data protection to competition. But what does this regulated net strategy mean? Can we expect the emergence of a third Internet? One beyond the US Internet, where everything is accessible, and the Chinese Internet with its strict controls?

The Event:

The Melbourne Meetup event was a resounding success, attracting more than 130 highly engaged attendees. The evening included both a presentation and panel discussion assessing the global impact of the European DSM. The aim? To clarify potential impacts of the new DSM for Australia. During the lively panel discussion, it was further debated whether the DSM is just a new set of rules or possibly a hub for business and innovation.

The speakers participating in the panel discussion were:

Further Details:

Would you like to learn more about potential implications of the EU's DSM and data rules for Australia? The EPIC project event presentation, containing facts, figures and extensive background information, can be viewed here

The programme from the event can be viewed here.

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