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EPIC Book Sprint: Robotics & Ethics

04th - 11th February, 2019 | Singapore (NUS)

In February 2019, EPIC organised a Book Sprint on "Ethics in AI and Robotics" in Singapore. The aim? To bring together an international group of academic experts from Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to write an entire textbook on robotics and AI ethics in just five days. 

The assembled academics, who came from different backgrounds and disciplines such as computer science, philosophy, psychology, robotics, and HRI, successfully created a first draft for an introductory textbook on robotics/AI ethics.

The open access, English language edition of An Introduction to Ethics in Robotics and AI has been published by SpringerBriefs in Ethics and can be found here.

The German language edition of Ethik in KI und Robotik has been published by Hanser and is available for purchase here.

The contributing authors included:

  • Christoph Luetge, Professor of Business Ethics and Director of the Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence at the Technical University of Munich;
  • Sean Welsh, a PhD student in Robot Ethics at the University of Canterbury;
  • Alan Wagner, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Research Associate at the Rock Ethics Institute at Pennsylvania State University;
  • Christoph Bartneck, Associate Professor and Director of Postgraduate Studies at the Human Interface Technology Lab - University of Canterbury;
  • Erch Prem, EPIC project coordinator and CEO of eutema.

Because it's not often that so many experts from such a diverse range of fields come together in one place, EPIC took advantage of this opportunity to ask those in-the-know about the role of ethics in robotics and artificial intelligence. To hear what they had to say, watch the videos below.

EPIC Asked the Experts