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Research Bazaar 2018

03-05 July 2018 | Sydney (Macquarie University)

The Research Bazaar was a free, three-day intensive festival and conference where researchers came together to up-skill in next generation digital research tools and scholarship. In the spirit of a marketplace or bazaar, ResBaz was a highly participatory event where researchers from many different disciplines could learn, shared knowledge and skills, and had fun.

The main objective of the event was to present EPIC to researchers based in Sydney with an interest in collaborating with the EU. Further objectives included to determine the state of cooperation between the EU and Australia, including future directions – in particular in light of negotiations commencing around an EU-AU free trade agreement.

The majority of the 320 participants were Australian ICT researchers.

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EPIC was represented by the project coordinator Dr. Erich Prem who joined the event through a skype session.

Particular discussion topics and themes that emerged included ways in which international research cooperation could be better supported in the face of challenges such as distance, the state cooperation between the EU and Australia – in particular what methods work well and what future directions should be considered; finally, what new opportunities might arise relating to commencing negotiations on an EU-AU free trade agreement?