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Breakfast Workshop - Digital Data Economy

25 January 2018 | Auckland (Callaghan Innovation)

Data is the currency of today's digital economy and data protection is at the heart of the move to a digital single market. The European Data Protection Reform aims to build a strong basis to help Europe make better use of innovative digital services like big data and cloud computing.

Kiwi companies at the forefront of innovative digital product development are impacted by new regulations as they grow their global offer. 

On January 25th (7.30-9.00 am) at Callaghan Innovation, Erich Prem, EPIC's coordinator talked you through the European Digital Single Market, new Data Protection rules and explored the opportunities and impacts for New Zealand businesses arising from Europe’s changing regulatory environment.

From the end of geo-blocking to the right to explanation on algorithmic decision-making, new copyright framework and VAT rules, Dr Prem shared policies that change the playing field for companies around the world, including EU companies’ international partners and businesses exporting digital products and services to the region.