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EPIC Research Cooperation Workshop

29 January 2018 | Singapore (A*STAR Infuse Theatre)

The EPIC Research Cooperation Workshop presented the project’s key opportunities to a group of Singaporean stakeholders. The half day event was divided into two sessions, the first of which discussed research in changing international environments, with particular focus on the EU and the second of which discussed preparing for EU-Singapore research cooperation.

The main objective was to present EPIC to researchers based in Singapore with an interest in collaborating with the EU. Further objectives included the cross-referencing of national-Singapore collaboration initiatives (DE and FR) and raising awareness for the research opportunities presented by the GDPR.

The EPIC Research Collaboration Workshop attracted 31 participants representing different research areas from both academia and industry, who were interested in finding out more about collaborating with European partners.

The successful cooperation (bilaterally) between Germany and Singapore in the 2+2 Grant programme as well as the IPAL collaboration between several EU and Singaporean research centres show the demand and relevance of targeted actions with Singapore.

Session 1 (09-10:30): New opportunities in a changing EU - Research in changing competitive international environments

Session 2 (11-12:30): International collaboration workshop - preparing EU-Singapore research cooperation

Find the workshop programme here.