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ISPIM Innovation Summit

10-13 December 2017 | Melbourne

EPIC partner RMIT was a co-organiser of the ISPIM Innovation Summit in Melbourne, Australia. 

EPIC participated in the ISPIM conference in Melbourne with a total of three sessions: a PhD workshop on the evening leading up to the event, two ‘hot topic’ roundtable discussions on the first day of the conference, and the presentation of an EPIC paper contribution by EPIC co-ordinator Dr Erich Prem on the final day of the conference. In addition, EPIC was present throughout the whole event with a stand and flyer distribution in the conference coffee area.

ISPIM attracted an interesting collection of innovation experts with a strong background in technological innovation and ICT in particular. The conference’s distinguishing feature is that it attracts a roughly equal participation from industry and academia. In addition, the audience included a range of European expats who now live and work in Australia – with a strong emphasis on the Melbourne region.

In summary, the ISPIM event offered participants the following opportunities:

  • Engage with top innovation leaders from Asia-Pacific and beyond
  • Learn about the Melbourne innovation scene
  • Network with innovation experts across industries and continents
  • Experience well-orchestrated social events in inspiring, fun venues